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The following is list of recent updates or additions to our website. When returning to our site, check here to see what has changed since your last visit.
08 AUG 2020Added 2020 TOURNAMENT PAGE with scores and results.
30 JUL 2020Posted TEE TIMES for 2020 tournament.
15 JUN 2020Opened REGISTRATION for 2020 tournament.
29 JAN 2020Re-designed PHOTO albums.
13 SEP 2019Added 2019 TOURNAMENT PAGE with scores and photos.
02 JUN 2019Opened REGISTRATION for 2019 tournament.
28 SEP 2018Added 2018 PHOTOS.
23 SEP 2018Added 2018 TOURNAMENT PAGE with scores.
07 FEB 2018Updated the IMP (International Mesothelioma Program) page.
06 FEB 2018Added MAILING LIST sign-up page and updated FRIENDS of tournament page.
28 JAN 2018Updated 2017 SPONSOR PAGE.
27 JAN 2018Updated 2017 GOLF TEAMS, AUCTION & RAFFLE pages.
24 JAN 2018Updated 2018 TOURNAMENT INFO PAGE and other general site updates.
03 OCT 2017Added 2017 TOURNAMENT PAGE with scores and photos.
04 JUN 2017Opened REGISTRATION for 2017 tournament.
16 MAR 2017Updated 2016 GOLF TEAMS.
15 MAR 2017Updated 2016 SPONSOR, AUCTION & RAFFLE pages.
15 SEP 2016Added 2016 TOURNAMENT PAGE with scores.
14 SEP 2016Added 2016 PHOTOS.
26 MAY 2016Opened REGISTRATION for 2016 tournament.
19 APR 2016Changed HISTORY PAGE to table format.
06 APR 2016Updated 2015 SPONSORS PAGE.
07 OCT 2015Added NEW PHOTO OF STEVE and other general site updates.
10 SEP 2015Added 2015 PHOTOS.
09 SEP 2015Added VIDEO / SLIDESHOW from 2015.
08 SEP 2015Added 2015 TOURNAMENT PAGE with scores.
06 AUG 2015Updated SPONSOR LINKS on each page.
30 MAY 2015Opened REGISTRATION for 2015 tournament.
18 MAY 2015Updated 2014 SPONSORS PAGE.
16 MAY 2015Updated GRAMPY'S GRANDKIDS page.
15 MAY 2015Updated 2014 GOLF TEAMS.
27 DEC 2014Updated HOME PHONE for Chris Downey.
17 SEP 2014Added VIDEOS / SLIDESHOWS from 2013 and 2014.
16 SEP 2014Added 2014 PHOTOS.
29 AUG 2014Added 2014 TOURNAMENT PAGE with scores.
06 AUG 2014Updated sponsor links on various PAGES.
27 JUN 2014Updated MAILING ADDRESS for Chris Downey.
07 JUN 2014Opened REGISTRATION for 2014 tournament.
01 APR 2014Changed donation link to CrowdRise.
10 OCT 2013Added lost photos from 2009 and 2012.
19 SEP 2013Added 2013 PHOTOS.
14 SEP 2013Added non-flash versions to all previous PHOTO ALBUMS.
25 AUG 2013Updated sponsor links on various PAGES.
11 AUG 2013Added 2013 TOURNAMENT PAGE with scores.
01 JUN 2013Opened REGISTRATION for 2013 tournament.
09 MAY 2013Updated MAILING ADDRESS for Chris Downey.
05 NOV 2012Added letter from BWH to 2012 TOURNAMENT PAGE.
30 SEP 2012Added VIDEO of Mike Dews photos presented at our 8th annual tournament.
22 SEP 2012Updated 2012 SPONSORS PAGE and other general site updates.
21 SEP 2012Added BWH acknowledgement letters on HISTORY PAGE.
19 AUG 2012Added 2012 TOURNAMENT PAGE with scores and photos.
07 JUN 2012Opened REGISTRATION for 2012 tournament.
28 SEP 2011Added 2011 PHOTOS.
28 AUG 2011Updated 2011 SPONSORS and 2011 GOLF TEAMS.
26 AUG 2011Posted SCORES and VIDEO from 2011 tournament.
21 JUL 2011Updated GRAMPY'S GRANDKIDS page.
09 JUL 2011Added a new ARTICLE from BWH Magazine about our tournament.
02 JUN 2011Opened REGISTRATION for 2011 tournament.
19 MAR 2011Repaired the GUESTBOOK.
15 MAR 2011Updated VIDEO PAGE with emdedded Steve Downey videos and slideshows.
13 FEB 2011Updated PHOTOS & VIDEOS section with integrated albums and music.
15 NOV 2010Added a PHOTOS & VIDEOS section.
14 NOV 2010Added a TOILET BOWL TROPHY page.
13 NOV 2010Added links to related VIDEOS.
09 NOV 2010Updated 2011 TOURNAMENT PAGE and other general site updates.
25 SEP 2010Added 2010 PHOTOS & INFO.
28 AUG 2010Updated 2010 SPONSORS PAGE.
11 AUG 2010Updated 2010 GOLF TEAMS, AUCTION & RAFFLE ITEMS pages.
07 AUG 2010Updated 2010 SPONSORS PAGE.
09 JUL 2010Updated TEAM REGISTRATION PAGE to accept online payments.
07 JUN 2010Updated TEAM REGISTRATION PAGE to open 2010 registration.
27 APR 2010Updated KATY'S PAGE and added photo.
29 JAN 2010Added a page for THORNTON & NAUMES LLP.
29 JAN 2010Added videos of SPEECHES at 2007 tournament by Dr. David Sugarbaker and mesothelioma patient Mike Dews.
18 JAN 2010Added SITE UPDATES page.
12 JAN 2010Updated information for 2010 TOURNAMENT.
06 DEC 2009Edited HOME PAGE description about our tournament.
10 NOV 2009Added link on SPONSOR page to accept donations through PayPal.
09 OCT 2009Posted PHOTOS and SCORES from 2009 tournament.
22 SEP 2009Updated list of 2009 SPONSORS.
12 AUG 2009Updated list of GOLF TEAMS.