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About Thornton Law Firm LLP

Thornton Law Firm was founded in 1978 by Michael Thornton and two other attorneys doing groundbreaking work for victims of asbestos-related diseases. We have grown to be the largest plaintiff law firm in New England, representing more than 10,000 asbestos victims and other persons injured by harmful and toxic products. Our expertise in complex toxic product litigation has led to our involvement in cases of nationwide significance, including representation of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in its lawsuit against the tobacco industry, which settled for $8 billion, and current representation of other states and municipalities in lawsuits against the lead paint industry.

While a large part of our practice is still devoted to representing people with asbestos-related diseases, we also work in a wide variety of other legal areas, primarily those cases involving serious health problems from other toxic products and/or unsafe pharmaceutical drugs. These cases include pharmaceutical drugs such as Fen-Phen and Baycol and products such as lead-based paint and solvents containing benzene, as well as cases involving environmental contamination, construction accidents, workers’ compensation and railroad injuries under the Federal Employers Liability Act.

In the past, we have successfully represented hundreds of plaintiffs in Dalkon Shield and Silicone Breast Implant litigation, as well as plaintiffs who have suffered serious illness due to exposure from toxic chemicals in the environment or in their homes and workers who have encountered hazardous chemicals and solvents in the workplace.

We serve individual clients and also consult to institutional clients, national labor organizations, state governments, municipalities and other law firms. In addition to working with Attorneys General of various states who are initiating major lawsuits involving damages caused by childhood lead poisoning, we are investigating for other Attorneys General cases with hazardous waste contamination that destroyed marine habitats, drinking water supplies and other natural resources. We are also proud to be the Designated Legal Counsel to ten railroad unions, numerous construction unions and the Professional Hockey Players Association.

Our attorneys are supported by a highly qualified and dedicated staff of legal assistants, administrators and support personnel. In addition, the firm has hired a full-time public health specialist with a background in epidemiology to research and assess the association between disease and exposure to toxic substances occurring in our cases. A further key to our success is our long-term relationships with many medical and scientific experts, including occupational health physicians, toxicologists, epidemiologists and industrial hygienists who work with us in the investigation and prosecution of our cases.

To serve clients in other geographical areas, we are affiliated with the American Legal Network, which is comprised of prestigious firms in all 50 states. In addition, Thornton Law Firm has strategic alliances with other prominent public health law firms who have also received national recognition for their work in asbestos-related litigation and other complex cases.

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