Tournament Rules

  1. Tee Boxes:
    • Men – White

    • Senior Men – based on the “Rule of 85”:
      • If Age + Handicap < 85 – White
      • If Age + Handicap equal or > 85 – Gold
    • Women – Red
    • Under Age 13 – Red
  1. Four-person team Scramble Format. All players hit from the location of the selected best shot and continue that procedure on each shot until the ball is holed.

  2. Must use at least two tee shots from each player.

  3. Ball may be placed within one club length of the original ball, no closer to the hole. Exceptions:
    • The lie may not be improved (i.e. a ball in the rough or sand trap must remain in the rough or sand trap.)

    • Balls on the putting green must be played from the exact spot of the original ball.
  1. Scoring is not handicapped and is based on gross team score in relation to par for the holes played.

  2. All teams will compete against each other regardless of which 18 of the 27 holes are played. Team scores will be compared based on relation to par for the holes played, not based on total strokes. No consideration will be given to difficulty or rating of holes played.

  3. Tie-breakers will be determined judiciously by comparing scorecards starting on the #1 handicapped stroke hole, and so on, until a winner is determined. Tied teams will only be compared against each other on holes which both teams played.

  4. Three-player teams may take an extra shot as their fourth shot. Players shall alternate taking the extra shot in a continuous rotation throughout the round.

All rules subject to change prior to start of the tournament.